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We were on honeymoon, the honeymoon is over

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Ahhhh, Miles is the perfect doggy!  Except for one thing…

I was on vacation the week that Miles arrived, so we had a wonderful time 24/7 bonding.  The 2nd day he was here, I had to go to town for 3 hours and it was too hot for him to join me.  My retired Mom lives on the property.  Miles was very used to me going in and out of my cottage to do farm chores, so I left him in the house and asked Mom to check on him.  She called me in town and said please come home, my dog is flipping out.

Separation Anxiety.

He never stopped barking and was scratching the door (it has a window in it).  So, she put him in the kennel to be safe and he was biting the chainlink and started to dig a hole underneath.  I noticed his canine teeth are worn down and the vet said that is from biting chain link, so I suspect this is not new for him.  He’s amazing for a tripawd in that he can dig and scratch a door with his one front foot!  So, Mom brought him in her house, but he was panting and running to the windows and stressed.  🙁

I worked on it for the remainder of my vacation.  Leaving him in the house for 60 seconds and if no barking, I come in and say Good Boy!  Then longer.  He does well for even 20 minutes or so.  He barks, but not destructive.  Yesterday was my first day back to work.  I guess he did okay for the first several hours and Mom came over to let senior bulldog Betty out for a potty and Miles too.  When Mom put them back in and left to her house, he chewed the framing off my front door.  🙁  She couldn’t put him in the kennel because of the hole in the dirt, so brought him in the yard and hung out with him for a while and put him back in my house.  This time he actually jumped up on my kitchen counter and ran around by the sink to look at the garden window for me (the other blinds were drawn), thankfully, nothing else was broken.

This is one agile tripawd!

Okay, so today is Day Two of going to work.  Mom can’t always be home when I’m gone, short of moving the kennel to a concrete floor, I am at a loss as to what I’m going to do.  🙁

I just love him so much and feel badly that he is stressed when I’m gone.  I only work part-time and am home in 7 hours.  Hoping for the best today with my Mom’s help, God bless her!

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3 Responses to “We were on honeymoon, the honeymoon is over”

  1.    jerry Says:

    OOoooh Dawn! I’m so sorry. OK, if anyone can handle this, YOU can. Wyatt was like this at first too, there is hope, I promise.

    Please go to our friend Sarah’s discussion forums at, she’s got a ton of professional trainers there who deal with this kind of thing all the time. They helped us get through Wyatt’s first few horrendous months with us, I know they can help you too.

    We send our love to you and your Mom, and Miles!

  2.    admin Says:

    Aww… no wonder Miles was such a sweetheart on the road and so happy to meet each new driver on the Cannonpaw Run. He was just glad he was no longer being left alone! Good luck with getting him used to that, and finding a new door. 😉

  3.    Leslie Says:

    Oh no! My dog Kali chewed the framing off one of our doors too, but her’s wasn’t separation anxiety. She was just mad at us. I hope you can figure things out. Miles sounds like a wonderful boy in every other way.

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