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My “guard dog” is percolating

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He does the same thing Raven did. 🙂

We let the chickens in the yard to hunt bugs and there’s one outside the kitchen window:

Happily, it’s a weekend, so I don’t have to leave my Separation Anxiety baby until Monday. Although, we are doing little doses in and out of the house for training purposes. Honestly, I’m not seeing any change yet, he’s been on the drug for 3 days…

Also, I was thinking about Dog Whisperer and how Cesar Milan almost always starts with exercise. I don’t take my dogs for walks because I live on property. But there is value in “going someplace” as a pack. So, Miles, Mom and I went for a 1/4 mile loop trail at a nearby trailhead. Very short, but he’s a tripawd and it’s 92 degrees. His tail was wagging the whole time!

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2 Responses to “My “guard dog” is percolating”

  1.    anyemery Says:

    Miles is beautiful! We’ve started doing morning walks with Holly and Zuzu – mainly to tire out Zuzu (we walk her for longer than Holly since Holly tires out quickly in the heat of summer). It does seem to help! Glad to hear Miles’ tail is wagging the whole time!!

    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  2.    jerry Says:

    Well he’s definitely on patrol there. What a cutie! I love watching his tail zig zag like that.

    Yep, exercise is a good thing to do, for sure. This boy will keep you active but as Wyatt showed us, with some routine and a little tiring out each day, all things are pawsible.

    Here’s to hoping that Prozac kicks in soon!

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