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“1500 Miles” video and a new road trip to see cheetahs

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Thank you Kami for an awesome video of Miles trip to freedom from the Taos, NM, shelter. And the PERFECT song called “1500 Miles”.

We are still working on the separation anxiety! We got another 6 week dose of amitryptiline. He will not go near the kennel since his setback, so that’s out of the picture now. I’m working on him staying relaxed without me in the yard. And also in Mom’s house when she goes away, as long as he has her dog for company, he’s done okay with that for short doses. The vet said that homeopathic remedies are Lavender and Turkey. So, he’s getting turkey bits for training and I have lavender oil in the house and am thinking of putting some on his Tripawds Scarf. 🙂

Funny story: We were in town and a guy was petting him and he laid down and rolled on his back and put 3 paws in the air, rubbed his belly. Hopped all over the lot, then he mentioned, “Why’s he limping?” I said because he’s missing a leg. He felt foolish, he didn’t even notice!

Last weekend, Cemil’s Mom came up to go see our cheetah run. She didn’t bring tripawd Cemil, but old gal Alle, who’s diabetic. We made a nice bed in the back of the camper for her for the day trip:


Here’s Miles in Mary’s lap. I think he’s happiest when we are on the road… 😉


And here’s a picture Mary took of Moyo:


Here’s a short vid:

We had a great day!

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2 Responses to ““1500 Miles” video and a new road trip to see cheetahs”

  1.    Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Hi Dawn – I went on vacation and am just catching up. You are so welcome for the video. It couldn’t have been done without that cutie pie Miles – every time I see his picture I just smile :).

    You and Cemil’s mom looked like you had a great day! Cheetahs and everything – wow! Miles and Alle looked like they were having a great time too. Good luck on the turkey and lavendar – sounds like a most interesting combination 🙂

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