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Raw diet and going camping

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All’s well on the Separation Anxiety Rescued Adorable Tripawd front.

Miles is a finicky eater. And when Raven was fighting his cancer and picky about food, I had to resort to a raw meat diet that I have on hand for Wild About Cats’ wild felines. It’s a commercial brand for zoo carnivores. I had to get some for the bobcat, so I went ahead and ordered a few cases for Miles of the Canine Diet. It comes in 5# logs of frozen raw meat and comes to about $1.10 a pound, about what I pay for premium kibble!

I’ve known zoo cats on this diet that routinely live into their late teens/early 20’s. Why do our domestic pets almost always get cancer, but the wild ones in captivity rarely do? I suspect, like our human diets, that it has something to do with the overprocessed, preservative laden factory made diets we’ve developed in recent generations. So, I figured, it certainly can’t hurt Miles, he loves it, and it’s not more expensive. 🙂

For more info:

His roommate, senior rescue Betty the bulldog has fully recovered from her bout with pneumonia, no small feat for her age. She’s a trooper! But now she’s developed an ulcer (scratch from Evil Cat Cowboy) on her remaining eye. We’ve debrided it 3 times, but it’s showing slow improvement over the last few weeks. She’s deaf due to age, and she’s slowly coming closer and closer to fitting my nickname for her “My Little Helen Keller”.

Sitting on the scale at the vet. I carry her in and she stays put whereever I plunk her down.


We are all going to Big Sur for a few days next week in the little vintage RV. Betty will have her stroller, Miles loves to go for hikes, and I am sooo looking forward to a little down time. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Raw diet and going camping”

  1.    etgayle Says:

    i know we are a broken record…but betty is just the most beautiful girl!!! she reminds me of john cameron swazey and the timex watch..takes a licking and keeps on ticking!!! enjoy your trip to big sur…can’t wait for more pictures!!!

    charon & gayle

  2.    Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    That Betty sure is a beautiful girl. Glad to hear that she’s fully recovered from the pneumonia. It sounds like you have a great trip planned to big sur…nothing better than having your puppies with you when you’re on vacation. Enjoy!!

  3.    Ginger Says:

    Betty does look pretty. I’m sure Mile just loves the raw meat diet. I hope you have fun at Big Sur. Please post some pics from your trip.

  4.    jerry Says:

    Big Sur? Can we come along?

    Betty, you are so darn adorable.

    And you Miles, you’re getting that special diet? WOW! That’s so cool. What a far cry from the streets of Taos!

    Live it up guys, you’ve got quite an amazing pack there.

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