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Camping in Big Sur

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Boy, what a trip.

One eye’d senior bulldog Betty lost an eye to an ulcer a few years ago. Now the other one has been battling an ulcer. Betty’s eye needed a grid keratotomy before I left, so we got an emergency appt the day we were planning on leaving for Big Sur. *sigh* It went well, was done under a local, so no sedation, she’s such a good girl! But the Cone Of Shame was the bummer.

When I got home from work, minutes before leaving, she was panting and breathing heavily. She had pneumonia recently and that was the only symptom then, so I didn’t leave for Big Sur, but for the vet’s office instead. I was in my RV in their lot when they opened in the morning. Well, the vet’s sched was full and rather than spend all day waiting for an appt, they suggested I board her for my vacation so that they could keep an eye on her breathing and her eye. The nearest vet to the campground would be nearly two hours away. So, sadly that’s what happened. Betty was sitting in the seat of the truck, packed and ready to camp, and instead was carried to the vet’s office for 3 days. 🙁

And to top it off, there was NO cell service there either, so I had no idea if she was okay or not. My friend came with her collie. Laura’s father has cancer and she got a call just before we lost cell reception that he was going to the hospital. So, she spent the one night and headed to the hospital and left me and Miles to camp alone. I couldn’t stop thinking about Betty and Laura’s Dad and not having any way to contact anyone, I was happy to head home the next day.

It was beautiful. Miles had fun, I tried to relax, and did for a while. Betty was still the same when I got back, I took the dang cone off last night and she’s breathing fine now. UGH, stupid cone!! But at least I think that’s all it was, which is a relief. She’s soooo happy to be home and I am too!!



The ocean is past the trees, but it’s foggy when I took the pic:



Miles view from in front of the trailer, watching the neighbor’s dogs:

Sorry, no Betty pics from this trip. 🙁

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One Response to “Camping in Big Sur”

  1.    jerry Says:

    Betty’s such a tough girl, we know she’ll bounce back! That cone of shame can make anyone feel poopy.

    Hope things are better this week. Glad you and Miles at least got to see some incredible scenery. if you’ve gotta be worried and sad, there’s no prettier place I guess.

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