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All’s well and Hoppy Halloween!

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Does this qualify as “My Mom dresses me funny”?


Okay, honestly, I did not get that getup for Miles! My mom’s friend did. 😉

Betty is doing great. Her eye recheck went well, healing nicely, recheck in 2 weeks. The breathing issue is gone and was attributed to the Cone Of Shame.

The weather has turned from hot to cool and Betty and I were snuggling on the couch with a blanket. She’s back to her “old” self, watching me with that little eyeball.


Here’s Betty and Miles, my happy little family.


Does anyone else’s tripawd lay like this with their front leg? Looks broken! He’s a left leg amputee, and he takes that right front and folds it under his chin!


Hoppy Autumn everyone!


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4 Responses to “All’s well and Hoppy Halloween!”

  1.    etgayle Says:

    happy family indeed!!!

  2.    jerry Says:

    Hoppy Autumn to you all too! Betty, we’re so glad you’re feeling better, you definitely look like your old/young self again!

    As for your outfit Miles…well, we think you look adorable. Hey, it’s just one day a year, right?

  3.    majorbubbatank Says:

    Major used to lay like that. Broken, indeed! Hoppy Halloween!

  4.    Emily Says:

    Miles looks JUST LIKE our tripawd dixie! She even lays like that as well!

    Renee sent me your blog because Dixie is having a lot of trouble with separation anxiety in our San Francisco apt (we just moved in 7 weeks ago). Thinking about doggie prozac as well, and maybe getting a crate? We’ve had her for 4 years and she’s never had any problems, and would have the rule of the roost while we’re out. All this SA is new and very frustrating. Thanks for your blog.

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