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Miles has a breakthrough with the SA

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After several months, and a few setbacks to square one with the eating the chain link kennel/door frame/running around on the counter top/trying to hang himself in the blinds in the garden window episodes… We’d worked our way up to giving him his favorite treat and leaving him with Mom next door, to giving him his favorite treat and leaving him in our shared yard, to one day I gave him his treat and left him in the house. I walked away and didn’t look back. Scary moment! Mom checked on him, he was quiet as a mouse and sleeping when she came over to check 6 hours later. I have no idea if it is the medication, lavendar scented oil in the house and on his tripawd bandana, turkey treats (for the triptophan, which apparently is similar to the drug he’s on Amitriptylene), but probably a combination of them all and the stars were lined up that day. 🙂

We did this each day for 6 in a row. And on the 7th, Mom and I both went to an event together for the first time since Miles came to live here, with neither of us home. Woohoo! Yesterday, while I was at work, he was barking and she worried, but was careful to not run to let him out of the house and reward him, but he pushed through it, didn’t get “rescued” and went back to resting quietly alone in the house until she let him out later.

There’s hope for Separation Anxiety sufferers!

Here’s a video of his happy tail. Thumping under the laundry I threw on top of him.

His roomate senior Betty’s eye ulcer continues to improve. Awww, wonderful fall weather, leaves, life is good.


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5 Responses to “Miles has a breakthrough with the SA”

  1.    Cherry Says:

    This is extremely great news for you, Miles, your Mom, as well as me, my wife Emily, and my Chloe. While my Chloe’s SA has not been as bad (in terms of destruction), it is the single impedimant to what I believe will become a very good dog. One only has to look at her after just minutes away, to see that she is extreme stress (or should I say distress). I have an appointment with our vet Tuesday, and will be pushing for some medication. We have to be gone for a few hours on both Sunday, and Monday and I do not want to undo any of the progress that we have made. You have indeed given me hope that I can get this fixed before my ulcer eats a huge hole in my insides.

    All our best to you all, and we hope that we can meet someday.
    Spirit Cherry’s Dad – Bob

  2.    admin Says:

    Thanks for the awesome update! Chloe could sure use some separation pointers from Miles.

  3.    Ginger Says:

    Way to go, Miles!!! We all knew you could do it. We are so very proud of you. This is a huge step for you, but it won’t be the last. Keep the faith, Miles and you will be just fine.

    Hugs and sloppy kisses,

  4.    etgayle Says:

    miles, what a great job!!! you are doing so well, beating those ‘puppy worries’. keep up the good work!!

    charon & gayle

    p.s. betty, glad to year your eye is clearing up too.

  5.    wyattraydawg Says:

    Waaaaaaahoooo! Good for you Miles, you’re helping to give us “emotionally challenged” dogs a good rep, keep it up!

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