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Miles got a gifty in the mail!

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Angel Rugby (aka Cometdog/Monkeybutt!) sent Miles a package! And it still had Rugby hair on it, so we carefully picked some off and set aside for safekeeping with a little tearful thank you. It’s an Outward Hound backpack. Miles is a very hyper active tripawd and has an incredible work ethic. He wants a job. I put it on him and he wore it proudly. We can’t wait to go for a long hop hike (usually about a mile) and now Miles can carry my keys, his biscuits, and his 2nd leash (retractible when hopping, standard small one when around other dogs). That frees me up to carry the heavier stuff. Let me be clear, I don’t recommend that any tripawd, especially a new one due to cancer (Miles doesn’t have cancer and has developed muscles from being a tripawd for a long time) carry any extra weight. The pack, with what I will put in it, will only weigh about 1/2#. It really isn’t necessary on our hikes, but I’ve seen quadpawds with these and they truly seem to understand that they are “doing a job” and are useful in the pack. Miles needs a job. Besides, he’s so stylish with it on, it has a handle, and if I get tired of carrying stuff, I can take it off him and put everything in it and sling it like a backpack for ME! 😀

Modeling his new gear:



Video of trying it out with neighbor Cowgirl:

Miles’ roomie senior bulldog Betty… AKA Little Miss Betty Cuteface. AKA the Old Broad. She is having another bout with pneumonia. We tweak her meds and re-xray, but the fluid in her lungs is always still there so far. The good news is she doesn’t know it. She’s not having any trouble breathing (stumper for the vet) and seems to feel just fine. She’s the toughest dog I know. My cuddle bug.


Hoppy spring – summer’s almost here!

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4 Responses to “Miles got a gifty in the mail!”

  1.    riosmom Says:

    Miles is so stylish in his new backpack. We have the same ones for our hikes. We carry our treats and our chuck-it balls in ours!

    Rio and the Monkey-girls Tosca and Zephyr

  2.    Jackie Says:

    Miles looks very handsome in his pack. Purple suits him. And that pic of Betty is SO adorable!

    All the best,
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  3.    anjl Says:

    Lookin good Miles….styling!
    What a sweet gift!
    Get well soon Betty!

  4.    jerry Says:

    Hey Miles, you look so cool in it! How neat that Sprit Ruby’s love goes on in the community.

    I loved my backpack too. If my bro’ Wyatt didn’t have such weak GSD hips he might get to wear it too. Talk about a boy who needs a job!

    Betty, hope you’re feeling better today.

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