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Miles: “My mom got run over by a bull.”

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Miles here. My mom, Dawn, is moving slower than I did when I lost my leg, so I thought I’d better update all of you on how she’s doing. On Tuesday, she hooked up the truck and stock trailer and she invited ME! I was sooo happy to get to go for a ride with my face in the wind. As most of you know, I HATE being left behind. When she leaves me, I really think I’m going to die and she’ll never come back.

We got to her friend’s ranch and I saw them get Whiskey, our bull, and put a halter on him and walk him into the trailer. I was sooo excited to see him again that I squeeeeeezed out the cracked window and flew through the air to the ground so that I could go say hi! Mom scolded me and put me back in the truck. She said something about how lucky I am to not break my front leg when I do that. But sometimes I can’t help myself.

When Mom and I got back to our farm, Mom made me get out and put me in the yard with Gramma so that I’d be out of the way. I get excited around Whiskey and the cows. I like to bark at them when they get excited and she says they could hurt me, but I think I could take them. I watched out the window and Mom got the halter and went in the trailer and the next thing I heard was Mom screaming and Whiskey was ramming her like the cowboys in the rodeos. Only Mom didn’t have a clown to help! Gramma made a fast phone call while Mom was screaming in the trailer and a car pulled up that said S-H-E-R-I-F-F K-9 on the side. There was a dog inside! Dogs to the rescue-of course! But the men got out with a rifle and ran to my Mom and left the dog in the car, poor guy. He must have a problem like I do. Stupid humans just don’t realize that We Can Help! 🙁

When the men got to the trailer, Mom was outside of it and Whiskey was inside, but she looked Broken and Whiskey looked fine, thank goodness they didn’t shoot him. Then a LOT of vehicles showed up with pretty flashing lights on top. It was a Pawty! And they put Mom on a board and carried her around like Crowd Surfing or something, but there was no music? Then Mom left with the men and the dog. Thank goodness Gramma was with me, Mom forgot about ME!

She came home the next morning and isn’t moving so well. There’s been people here all day, every day, taking care of her. Just like when I got my leg cut off. I wish I could help her. I like all the company, everyone pets me and talks to me and I get to be with Mom 24 hours a day and she never leaves me now. They said that her chest was crushed and she needs another MRI, had a cat scan and xrays or something? And her knee has compression fractures, a torn ACL, and cracked ribs. She is on the same medications that I was on! And she has to have surgery. I know what that’s like. I feel badly for Mom but she’s in really good spirits. She tells me that I’m her inspiration. That I overcame much worse and I never complained, so she’s going to try to be like me.

If she hadn’t put me in the yard, I could have protected her from that bull Whiskey. If only she knew that. She said something about the cow being in “heat” and she didn’t know it, but it’s wasn’t even hot out that day, so I think she’s just confused….

So, don’t worry about Mom, I’ll take good care of her! 😀


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10 Responses to “Miles: “My mom got run over by a bull.””

  1.    Dakota Dawg Says:

    Holy cow–or bull–Miles! What a story! Are you sure it’s real, or is it bullpockey?

    I feel so badly for your mom. What a drag. Bulls are big and heavy and unpredictable and not for small children, 3-legged dogs, or Moms! I hope you do take very good care of her, but buddy I think she’ll need more than just you. Do you have an army of nurses on standby? Maybe that sheriff’s dog can call some of his friends.

    Love up to your mom, but don’t touch her where it hurts (you know how that is). Sleep beside her on the floor, like she probably did for you. Whisper sweet things in her ear after her surgery. And if she doesn’t take her medicine like a good girl, stuff it into some Velveeta! And let us know when she has surgery so we can all think good thoughts and say our prayers for her. And I’ll pray for that danged bull, too, ’cause he’s gonna need it!

    Love, Dakota

  2.    etgayle Says:

    oh my goodness!!! glad mom is ok, even though this sounds awful. we’ll send our best ET juju that it all turns out OK. geesh!!!

    charon & gayle

  3.    Laura Says:

    will someone tell your mom to WRITE A BOOK!! we all keep telling her she should…
    Yes she has nurses, and drivers and cooks and cleaners… 🙂
    Miles, you were a good boy for staying out of it.. WHiskey is going to his new home this week.. A big Ranch.. where he will have lots of lady friends.. he will be ok.. He was just being a bull..

  4.    cometdog Says:

    Oh Miles! That was so bad to watch for you and read for us!

    Take care of you mom like we know you will.

    I’m so sorry to hear. I’m so glad you are “somewhat” okay. But gosh, what a scare! Take care of yourself and keep us updated on what is going on with you.

    We’ll be thinking of you and sending you pawsitive thoughts.

  5.    anjl Says:

    Wow Miles!
    That sounds like a day that started out fun but ended up being no fun for anyone!
    I wonder where those bull fighters with the fancy bandannas and face paint were….maybe they were lookin for their tripawd bandanna so they could look stylin while hanging out with you!
    Take good care of your mom! Sounds like she needs a special dog just like you!
    I hope she is up and at em…jumpin outt pickup windows just like you after her surgery!!!

  6.    chilidawg Says:

    Oh my goodness! Love up your momma like she did for you. What a day she had! Hope she heals quickly and sending prayers her way.

  7.    Leslie Says:

    Geez Dawn, that sounds terrifying. So glad to hear you’re going to be ok. I hope all the bones and ligaments heal well, and quickly. Exactly WHICH injury are you having surgery for, if you don’t mind me asking?

  8.    admin Says:

    😯 Ouch! Hope Mom is feeling better soon.

  9.    dsimas Says:

    Dawn here: Hi everyone, thank you for the well wishes! I just got back from more xrays (shoulder) and the orthopedic surgeon. She feels that there is too much inflamation and the bones need to knit in my knee before we can consider the ACL surgery. But that was the surgery I was assuming I will need, it’s a complete tear. I see her again next week to see where my pain level is and she encouraged me to start trying to use my legs to get the fluids moving and promote some healing. I will also be getting a cortisone injection into my arthritic hip for comfort to encourage me to move around more. That needs to be done at the hospital because it’s so deep, so we’ll discuss that next week also. So, no more appts for a week, just trying to make myself move more and keep from getting pneumonia. 🙂

    Thanks again for prayers and support. God obviously isn’t finished with me because I’m on borrowed time now and want to be sure to never forget that…. 😀


  10.    cemil Says:

    Oh Dawn… What a scare. Lots of prayers and Good Thoughts coming to you from me and Cemil and the rest. Be well.

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